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Всем привет!

Недавно заметил в блоге Игоря Бигдана рекламный баннер, где он предлагает рекламу в своем блоге. И тоже задумался над тем, как бы получить хотя бы небольшую копеечку со своего увлечения.

Наткнулся на форуме блоггеров http://www.bloggers.su/forum/ на раздел о монетизации блогов http://www.bloggers.su/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=29, там обсуждаются многие вопросы, смысл которых мне непонятен. Тем не менее, некоторые из участников озвучивали цифры, и у некоторых якобы доход с блога был такой, что с основной работы можно было уйти... я бы тоже так хотел...

Особенно заинтересовала тема: Как начать зарабатывать на блоге? В ней новичкам, в т.ч. и мне, объясняют как найти рекламодателей для блога, какими способами вообще можно заработать... короче интересно блин и перспективно, как мне кажется.

А вы что думаете об этом?

Behind the LJ cut!

Aha! Posting new pics! Of me, in a skirt! ;D Also! I have been asked numerous times, and I decided that yes, I -WILL- give makeup consulation. In order to do so, just send me a profile and front picture of yourself. I have numerous ties to makeup stuffs, and I like to experiment. I am also handy at knowing what goes with what. If you like my makeup, which is very simple in these pics, just ask. Don't be shy!


The name is Lucian Aiden. However I am also known as L (for short), Skittle and a mess of other names. Callin' me Lucian, L, Skittle is fine and is preferred. I am a furry, as if ya couldn't tell so most pics of me that will be posted I will be in fursuit only because I am highly insecure with how I look. I can be a rather manly man and a rather girly boy at the same time. I like porn, crossdressing, Asians, confusing the fuck outta people and Japanese music and culture. I plan to major in zoology with a minor in fashion/costume design. Blah blah blah. No idea what else to put but if ya have anyway questions about me or anythin' just post 'em! I will answer any question openly, since, I really got nothin' ta hide.

Leave my accent alone, kay? I am from Southern Jersey with an accent of so many places it drives people crazy. <3

What is on your Player?

Right now, it's Sakura Kiss. xD Let the game begin!

The ruler--er, Mod's entry post

Hello! I am Dani, and yes I am a male. I got into yaoi manga very early at my age, and I always loved fashion. Hell, if you're gay, it's a given.

Anyhoo, I got into seifuku uniforms when I was little, as well, watching Sailor Moon. As I grew older, it became a bit of a fetish for me, if not a lifestyle. I do not call it crossdressing, since I like to gender bend.

A great manga, by one of my more favorite mangakas (who wrote Princess Princess <3) is "The Day of Revolution" by Mikiyo Tsuda (that's a psuedonym)

I do not just wear seifukus, I wear Lolita, western schoolgirl outfits (i.e; Catholic school girl), fruits, and the occasional teddy boy outfit.

I do not prance in skirts 24/7. Sometimes I am just too lazy to shave my legs. I don't know, I just can't bring myself to do it some days.

I am also a "seme", or a "top" (popular Yaoi fangirl term). I do wonder how many fangirls will be chasing me on the web, let alone the ones in real life. My boyfriend is pretty butch, and it's quite funny seeing us standing side by side. Lol.