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I have a secret..

It's under my skirt ;)

For the Boys in Schoolgirl skirts
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Official Seifuku Boys Theme Song

This group is moderated by koeritsuka

Go ahead and post an intro post. I know this group is just starting, and hopefully I will control the world will grow.

Rules (Because we have to have them):
1. Posting offtopic things is alright, if you need advice on anything (be it an outfit, personal situation, etc) that's alright. Hell, even post your art! But make sure to LJ cut.
2. We do accept teddy boys, oujisama, "kodano", and visual kei peeps. I just don't want any of them making fun of us boys in skirts.
3. Though the community title is geared to schoolgirl outfits, that is not our limit. Fruits, lolitas, elegant lolitas, gothic lolitas, noveau are all fine.
4. Post pictures of yourself in an LJ cut. If you don't know how, just ask! It's fine.
5. Moderation is limited, and don't go asking to be a mod.
6. You have every right to whore out my community, go ahead. FROLIC AND ADVERTISE!
7. As much as I love Johnny the Homocidal Maniac, please, limit emo-ness. It's fine to an extent.
8. Though typically a Japanese fashion thread, American fashions are fine.
9. Please do not advertise selling things without consulting the mod (me, almighty koeritsuka).
10. My personal journal is free to the public, go ahead and comment.
11. Questions can be asked via AIM, MSN, comment to my LJ, or email. (again, for the third time koeritsuka )
12. Manga/anime discussions are great, especially about Princess Princess (what got the mod into skirt wearing in the first place).
13. Girls are invited to join, go ahead. Gender benders as well. Fangirls, or fans/friends of schoolbois (as I call myself) are definately welcome.
14. NO naked pictures. Lingerie pictures are fine, but PLEASE list it as 18+ in the LJ cut. This is a 16+ community.

A big note; This thread is NOT just for gay men. Straight/bisexual men who tend to "crossdress" are allowed, if not accepted with open arms.

A common game in the journal will be "Whats on your Player". It's basically the first ever post you'll read in the journal, started by me. You basically list any songs you are currently in your MP3 player, or Windows Media Player, Real Player, etc. The most fruitiest songs (No one an top my Sakura Kiss from Ouran Highschool >:D) get a good laugh from the Mod-Ruler.

The icon is credit to Bex ( nijiironohako ), my wonderful minion. She colored my original picture, which maybe I'll post sometime. Okay, now. http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r229/caliconeko/HeartManga022.jpg